Bond villains & their suits

Bond villains & their suits

Christoph Waltz will play ‘the coolest Bond villain ever’ (according to GQ) in ‘Spectre’ due to hit cinemas on November 6th. You can’t see what he’ll be wearing yet – in the teaser trailer, he’s masked in shadow but in the long tradition of Bond villains, a dinner jacket and possibly even a Nehru jacket are likely to feature somewhere. 

In conversations with Chris recently, it turns out, between his father and himself, they’ve made suits for no fewer than four Bond villains. (more…)

Chris Kerr – A Short History

Chris Kerr – A Short History

Chris Kerr is the oldest bespoke tailor in Soho, now in its 56th year and third generation of Kerr family involvement.

The business was established in 1960 as Len Wilton at 52 Berwick Street, where it remained for 50 years (eventually moving to 31 Berwick Street in 2010). In 1963 a young Eddie Kerr joined as an assistant cutter and by 1970 had been made partner, eventually buying the business outright in 1990.

In the early sixties ‘Mr Eddie’ as he became known by customers began to make bespoke suits for the new pop & fashion scene emerging around Carnaby Street including stars like Matt Monroe, Procol Harem & The Swinging Blue Jeans. (more…)

Savile Row Tailors vs Soho Tailors

soho tailor

Buying your first (and possibly only) bespoke suit is what marketers call a ‘high consideration’ purchase, meaning that the average male will research the bejesus out of the market before ever stepping foot in one of the many venerable tailors shops this town is blessed with.

For many, the first search they’ll run on Google is for Savile Row Tailors – Savile Row of course being – by a stretch – the most famous street in the world for bespoke tailoring. When you buy a suit on Savile Row, you’re buying not just a suit, but into history, for example Winston Churchill commissioned his famous ‘Tommy Gun’ chalk stripe suit from Henry Poole & Co.   (more…)

Black Tie in Midnight Blue


Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne, not only for his Oscar & BAFTA awards but also for sartorial performance at both ceremonies. If there was an award for best dressed recipient of a major film award, we think Eddie should win that too.

It’s not easy to digress from traditional black tie without moving into novelty territory – the zany bow tie, or wacky shoes, but Eddie’s midnight blue velvet dinner jacket by Alexander McQueen (worn properly with a black bow tie and patent leather shoes) was a classy, effortless take on what is actually a very classic British style. (more…)

The 39 essential wardrobe items you should buy with a £10K budget


Imagine your house burnt down, and that everything went in the fire (for the sake of keeping this hypothesis pure let’s say that you were out jogging at the time). Even less likely let’s imagine that the insurance company promptly sent you a cheque for £10,000 to replace your lost clothes. How would you spend the money? Where should a man start when building a wardrobe? (more…)

WARNING: Chris Kerr’s new made-to-measure service could prove highly addictive.


Are you ready to take a step towards the realm of bespoke clothes? Keen for a taste of the world of tailoring, but not yet ready to jump in at the deep end? Then let me tell you about Chris’s new made-to-measure service, which allows men to sample his tailoring at an exceptional price and an unsurpassed level of convenience. Perhaps it’s worth sounding a note of caution here: this service may prove to be the gateway drug that leads to a fully-fledged bespoke addiction.


How much does a bespoke suit cost?

bespoke1For men who’ve never been to a tailor the price can seem intimidating, but in reality the cost is the least interesting thing about a hand-made suit. It’s as relevant to compare the price of a suit made by Chris to the price of a designer suit as it is to compare the price of a Rolls Royce to that of a Renault Laguna; while both cars will transport you from A to B they are entirely different in every other way. A shop-bought suit (even one with the name of a famous European designer on the label) is likely to be made in a vast Chinese factory, while Chris’s suits are cut, by him, at his board in his Berwick Street shop, and sewn together in Soho. (more…)

The Top Ten Best-Dressed Movie Gangsters

gangster-chicBad guys have long known how to dress well, at least on film. From American actor John Barrymore’s 1932 portrayal of French author Maurice Leblanc’s gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin, during which the actor looked swell in white tie, to Jean Gabin’s turn as Max in 1954’s Touchez Pas Au Grisbi, possibly the best dressed role in cinematic history, celluloid criminals are often inspirational dressers.

In recent times the tradition has continued, with obvious highlights including Al Pacino in The Godfather trilogy (check out his grey shantung silk suit in the second film) and, albeit on the small screen, Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson and Michael K Williams as Chalky White in the inspirational Boardwalk Empire. (more…)

What to wear for Henley

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 13.01.51Henley-on-Thames the regatta consists of over 200 boat races on the river that runs through the town, with Olympians among the competitors. However, the Regatta is as almost as much a social event as it is a sporting one, and as such the dress code is important (men in the Steward’s Enclosure are required to wear a jacket and tie) and it sets the tone. Blazers predominate.


There are dinner jackets & dinner jackets …

Dinner JacketWhen you order a lounge suit, whether for work or play, or even for a wedding, it’s a relaxing thought that before too long you’ll order another one. Of course you want to get all the details right, but ultimately you can always refine the specification next time around. So it’s relevant that while it seems justifiable to own two dinner jackets, a light-weight one for the summer and a heavy-weight one for the winter, most of us only own one at a time, and rarely replace them. (more…)

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