I feel the need, the need for tweed

I feel the need, the need for tweed

Of late, Tweed has become rather cool – you see everyone from David Gandy to Guy Ritchie wearing it and hit TV shows like Peaky Blinders have lent it a roguish edge. Its commute from aristocratic country wear to the streets of Florence and Soho is well deserved. Tweed is a very interesting and adaptable cloth indeed.

Take Harris Tweed for example – you can only make it if you live on an island in the outer Hebrides and have a weaving shed attached to your croft. The result is a highly original and individual cloth – no two pieces are the same.

Harris is probably the most famous name in tweed but there are many other makers whose swatches display a surprisingly wide range of weaves and colours. There’s even a tweed for cyclists that has built in reflective qualities.

harris tweed

Tailors’ tweed swatches

Tweed lends itself to personalisation in other ways too – arm patches, patch pockets, velvet collars, chunky buttons. For a more conservative look, a black or dark blue tweed will serve you well in the chillier months.

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What to wear for Henley

What to wear for Henley

Henley-on-Thames the regatta consists of over 200 boat races on the river that runs through the town, with Olympians among the competitors. However, the Regatta is as almost as much a social event as it is a sporting one, and as such the dress code is important (men in the Steward’s Enclosure are required to wear a jacket and tie) and it sets the tone. Blazers predominate.


Summer sports jackets

It’s easy in winter to reach for a tweed jacket when you’re heading out for a weekend lunch with friends. However, if, when dressing for the same kind of occasion in summer, a man wants to wear something more interesting and less formal than a navy-blue blazer then the options can seem limited.

The obvious alternative is to go for a linen jacket, ideally in a heavy, open-weave cloth that will rumple rather than crease, and allow a good flow of air through it. It could be made from cream, tobacco brown, or blue linen, but these solid hues are ideally saved for Mediterranean holidays or country weddings. (more…)

The Sports Jacket

The Sports Jacket

Do you regularly shoot pheasants? Spend much time in vast, draughty country houses?

Unless the answer to at least one of these questions is yes then you don’t need to dress as if you’re off for a weekend at Downton Abbey. Tweed jackets are traditionally made from wonderful thick and slightly abrasive fabric built to keep out the cold and the rain. (more…)

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