Bespoke trousers are a very personal choice – here’s why

bespoke trousers

Bespoke trousers – fit for purpose

If the single-best reason for a man to order a bespoke jacket is choice then the primary reason to have a pair of bespoke trousers tailored is fit. While, with some diligent research, a man can find ready-to-wear trousers in most fabrics he has to take what he’s given when it comes to the shape and style. This is a shame because a pair of bespoke trousers shouldn’t just be supremely comfortable, they should also do wonders for a man’s perceived height and weight. (more…)

Recreating Cary Grant’s North by Northwest suit: Part 2

Recreating Cary Grant’s North by Northwest suit: Part 2

Part 2 – lapels, cuff buttons, pockets & the cut

Now we had the cloth confirmed, there’s just the small matter of trying to match the various components that make up a suit – lapels, cuff buttons, pockets, along with deciding on the cut.

While I was committed to remain faithful to the original suit as much as possible – and the jacket looks surprisingly modern for something cut 50 years ago, the high waisted, wide legged, four pleated trousers would have made the suit look a little too old fashioned for everyday wear in 2016.

Chris suggested we go for a modern interpretation of the cut, still with pleated trousers, but slightly narrower in the leg and lower waisted with a marginally more fitted jacket than the original. This will mean I can wear the suit day to day, without looking like I’m auditioning for a period drama. (more…)

The 39 essential wardrobe items you should buy with a £10K budget


Imagine your house burnt down, and that everything went in the fire (for the sake of keeping this hypothesis pure let’s say that you were out jogging at the time). Even less likely let’s imagine that the insurance company promptly sent you a cheque for £10,000 to replace your lost clothes. How would you spend the money? Where should a man start when building a wardrobe? (more…)

WARNING: Chris Kerr’s new made-to-measure service could prove highly addictive.


Are you ready to take a step towards the realm of bespoke clothes? Keen for a taste of the world of tailoring, but not yet ready to jump in at the deep end? Then let me tell you about Chris’s new made-to-measure service, which allows men to sample his tailoring at an exceptional price and an unsurpassed level of convenience. Perhaps it’s worth sounding a note of caution here: this service may prove to be the gateway drug that leads to a fully-fledged bespoke addiction.


How much does a bespoke suit cost?

bespoke1For men who’ve never been to a tailor the price can seem intimidating, but in reality the cost is the least interesting thing about a hand-made suit. It’s as relevant to compare the price of a suit made by Chris to the price of a designer suit as it is to compare the price of a Rolls Royce to that of a Renault Laguna; while both cars will transport you from A to B they are entirely different in every other way. A shop-bought suit (even one with the name of a famous European designer on the label) is likely to be made in a vast Chinese factory, while Chris’s suits are cut, by him, at his board in his Berwick Street shop, and sewn together in Soho. (more…)

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